On/Of Water. Universidad de NOVA Marine Science Technology & Society, 2022.

On/Of Water Universidad de NOVA Marine Science Technology & Society May 24, 2022. Banner image description: Title slide with field photo of calm blue water and snowcapped mountains in the background. In the foreground is a brown anchor and side of a small ship with white text laid over the image that reads “On/Of Water.”

Navigating White Space. NASA Advancing IDEA, 2022.

Navigating White Space: Ethnographic Insights from the Space and Ocean Sciences Stephanie Jordan and Janet Vertesi April 25, 2022. Banner image description: title slide with white text “Navigating” laid over an image on the left of a blue buoy aboard a ship on the blue ocean, the word “White” in the center, with text “Space”…

Feminist Technoscience. Engineers Without Borders Canada, 2022.

Feminist Technoscience. Keynote. Engineers Without Borders Canada Moral Code Hackathon March 5, 2022. Banner image description: field photo of large blue buoy with yellow and white details on the deck of a ship in calm blue waters with light blue skies, white clouds and brown hills in the background.

On Refusal. Labor Tech Research Network, 2021.

Full transcript to be published in REFUSE: A Journal of Iconoclasms. Forthcoming, 2022. “This panel was built in parallel with the building of the Labor Tech Research Network as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. So congratulations to all of us! And congratulations to Winnie Poster for her hard work! As we began imagining, and manifesting this infrastructure…

Catch My DRIFT: A Compendium of Recovering Instruments At Sea

Got a call in the middle of the night, convinced your best friend to drive her truck 5 hours into the sunrise, convinced a local surfer to let you use their standing board, pulled some straps out of the back of the truck, paddled out to sea, grabbed a glider, strapped it to the board…

Sustainability in Marine Technoscience

Insights after a decade of investment into programs like the Ocean Observatories Initiative brightly illuminated that some of the most significant barriers to forward progress in the fields of climate and ocean science are challenges of calibration, maintenance, and quality control of sensors. Ocean engineering is engaged in an ongoing race to improve batteries, paints,…

Queerpocene Ecofeminist Research Group

This interdisciplinary research group provides support for queer ecology, ecofeminist and environmentalist research at Michigan State University. Core Members: Ellen McCallum, English Stephanie Jordan, Media + Information stef shuster, Lyman Briggs, Sociology Wenda Bauschpies, NSF, Center for Gender in a Global Context