I have been on the radio and DJ’ed parties for most of my adult life. I am currently a regular DJ at the Outer Limits Lounge in Hamtramck, MI, for DENIM. For the past years, I have been involved in a special station, WRFI Ithaca Community Radio as a DJ on “The Humming Wires” (Archived…


I believe in and deeply care about independently published zines and fanzines and have been contributing to and creating zines since I was a teenager writing about intellectual property and fair use. Now my contributions range across tech, feminism, punk and many other topics. Here are some recent highlights: Imagining Intersectional Futures (2017) with Sarah…

DIY Shows

For many years I have booked and hosted punk and DIY shows, largely in basements, warehouses, galleries and small all-ages venues. In the past I have also been involved in large-scale music event planning through various Rutgers University programs including as chair of the Rutgers College Program Council for Music and through Concerts East in…


I worked for many years in industry designing and implementing administrative and content management systems for editorial web purposes using Django/Python and Java in a Linux environment with Javscript/jQuery/Ajax, HTML, CSS, Apache and MySQL.

Feminist Technoscience Tarot

Collectively designed tarot deck inspired by feminist technoscience, includes reinterpretations of classic Ryder-Waite, re-imagining the multiplicity of identity and relation with emphasis on ecology, maintenance and repair, and care. Forthcoming. For more information or to become involved, contact me.

VHS Bingo

with Hugues Barbier of the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival and George Johann of Angry Mom Records hosted at the Chapter House Pub in Ithaca, NY, in 2015.

Social Media

I largely do not participate in social media, even if I have a profile on the platform. Apologies if you request a connection and I do not get back to you.

Fete Films

Fete Films was an Independent film circuit started in Jersey City, NJ, promoting community-based informal screenings of film and video art in nontraditional spaces. Founded and curated by myself and Dylan Schenker featuring art by: Kristina Centore, Biz Lynch, Amanda Thackray, Jessica Lipman, Dan Pillis, Michael Ramsdell, Gary King, Dan McNamara, Pat Byrne, Steven Dressler.

Other Affiliations

For a more frequently updated list of affiliations, please see my CV. (last updated: April 2019) Labor and Technology Reading Group (2014 — present) Fembot Collective (Member: 2019 – present) FemTechNet (Member: 2018 — present) Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S) (Faculty Member: 2018 – present) ACM Special Interest Group Computer-Human Interaction (ACM…