I believe in and deeply care about independently published zines and fanzines and have been contributing to and creating zines since I was a teenager writing about intellectual property and fair use. Now my contributions range across tech, feminism, punk and many other topics.

Here are some recent highlights:

Imagining Intersectional Futures (2017) with Sarah Fox, Amanda Menking, Anna Lauren Hoffman and Shaowen Bardzell.

Maximum RocknRoll, contributor and occasional “shitworker” for this classic punk zine coordinated by Grace Ambrose. Including a Guide to Cybersecurity for the Impending Trump Presidency with Talya Cooper.

0002 ODNOM, contributor to Issue 0 (2015) and Issue 1 (2017) and distribution for anonymous print-only cyberpunk zine edited by Sirius Ex Fem. Copies available through siriusexfem at protonmail dot com

Everyday Memoirs (2015), contributed a poem to a collection called “Senses” curated by Zinsky

Unlocked & Loaded (2015), interviewed by creator Sarah Avrin about growing up and finding feminism. Copies available through sarah at girlie dot com

Sauce not Gravy (2015), contributed a recipe to this awesome little food and life zine by K80 Achille.



Banner image description: the spines of many zines from my personal collection including the physical copies of ODNOM and Sauce Not Gravy, mentioned here.