Labor Tech Research Network

Founding board member of the Labor Tech Research Network, established in 2021, an international and interdisciplinary group of 300 plus leading scholars of labor and technological change.

POLER Research Group

The Polar Observatory Lab for Ethnographic Research (POLER) is a research group of scholars and technicians interested in remote sensing in extreme conditions. While the Arctic has been identified as a site of critical importance in the ongoing search for answers to grand challenge questions of climate change and ocean acidification, the extreme conditions and…

The Instrumented Ocean

This ethnographic project collected interviews and observations inside the groundbreaking US Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI). The work is contextualized via archival and historiographic resources from oceanographic institutions, professional societies and historians of ocean science. The research fundamentally addresses the concomitant relationship between innovation (e.g. imagining, planning, constructing, operating) and degeneration (e.g. down-scaling, breakdown, failure, repair)….