POLER Research Group

The Polar Observations Lab for Ethnographic Research (POLER) is a research group of scholars and technicians interested in remote sensing in extreme conditions, including polar and subpolar regions. Insights after a decade of investment into programs like the Ocean Observatories Initiative brightly illuminated that some of the most significant barriers to forward progress in the…

Queerpocene Ecofeminist Research Group

This interdisciplinary research group provides support for queer ecology, ecofeminist and environmentalist research at Michigan State University. Core Members: Ellen McCallum, English Stephanie Jordan, Media + Information stef shuster, Lyman Briggs, Sociology Wenda Bauschpies, NSF, Center for Gender in a Global Context

Labor Tech Research Network

Founding board member and active member of the Social Justice Working Group of the Labor Tech Research Network, formally established as a 501c3 non-profit in 2021, an international and interdisciplinary group of 300 plus leading scholars of labor and technological change.

The Instrumented Ocean

This ethnographic project collected interviews and observations inside the groundbreaking US Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI). The work is contextualized via archival and historiographic resources from oceanographic institutions, professional societies and historians of ocean science. The research fundamentally addresses the concomitant relationship between innovation (e.g. imagining, planning, constructing, operating) and degeneration (e.g. down-scaling, breakdown, failure, repair)….