Emergent Properties of Data-Driven Technological Development in Science. CSCW ’12.

Emergent Properties of Data-Driven Technological Development in Science

Stephanie Gokhman

Current trends in both CSCW and broader scientific discourse place increased value on openness, hinging on the notion that open data sharing policies validate and progress science. On a local level, the cultural norms of sharing infiltrate the entire lifecycle of research data, as reflected in how systems are designed to handle and display data. However, technological development is a dynamic, ongoing process whose complexity is difficult to capture, yet codifies both information and power: exposing ontologies, standards, interpretations, bias, and performance measures, for example. These aspects of development, and understanding specific attributes of their products, point to spaces ripe for academic exploration of sociotechnical phenomena. By capturing sociotechnical structures through technological development over time, we can begin to understand the proliferation of data sharing norms in modern, distributed, interdisciplinary scientific collaborations. My research has drawn particular attention to temporal factors in scientific collaborations by focusing on the connection between technological development and policy, with broader applicability to CSCW investigations of sociotechnical phenomena.

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