Feminism and Feminist Approaches in Social Computing. CSCW ’15.

Feminism and Feminist Approaches in Social Computing

Steinhardt, S.B., Menking, A., Erickson, I., Marshall, A., Rode, J.

Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) |Vancouver, BC | March 14-18, 2015

Following on the successful CSCW 2014 workshop on Feminism and Social Media, this workshop will bring together a set of CSCW scholars to discuss feminist perspectives in social computing and technology. We will explore theoretical and methodological approaches to the topic and draw on literature and empirical studies to build a set of generative and creative dialogues around the topics of diversity, sexual orientation, cultural attitudes, sociopolitical affiliations, and other emergent themes. Conversations will be directed particularly toward the challenges of using a feminist approach in CSCW scholarship, identifying both productive and problematic research practices. This session promises to open new feminist dialogues about current issues in CSCW from sexuality and identity on social media, labor and technology development, and gender inequality within Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math + Arts and Design (STEAM) collaborative efforts, and other emergent areas of interest.

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