Designing Feminist Action: At the Intersection of Culture and Method. DIS ’19

Workshop at Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2019 on June 24, 2019, in San Diego, CA

Organizers: Melanie Feinberg, Sarah Fox, Jean Hardy, Stephanie Steinhardt and Palashi Vaghela

This one-day workshop will explore the use of design research and computing practice in resisting and reifying inequalities. We invite participants to share how we do, and how we might, bring our feminist ideals to bear upon the kinds of work that we perform (methods) and upon the forms of interaction that we participate in (culture). This workshop centers on three driving orientations of feminist design research:

– How do we translate feminist perspectives from scholarly discourse into practical action?

– How do we revise existing methods to align with our feminist values and beliefs?

– How do we intervene in the prevailing culture to identify and change attitudes, behaviors, and practices that work against equity and inclusiveness?

We invite researchers and scholars, community members, artists, and others interested in participating to submit a brief position paper, design provocation, case study (approximately 500 words in a format of your choosing), or a video contribution (max. 5 minutes) that describes a situation in which you have either attempted OR would like to attempt the translation of feminist perspectives from scholarly discourse into some form of action. For instance, your paper could:

-Consider actual or imagined revision to existing research or pedagogical methods

– Reflect on actual or imagined intervention in prevailing cultures