Search and Deploy: A Compendium of Recovering Instruments At Sea

Got a call in the middle of the night, convinced your best friend to drive her truck 5 hours into the sunrise, convinced a local surfer to let you use their standing board, pulled some straps out of the back of the truck, paddled out to sea, grabbed a glider, strapped it to the board and gently floated back to shore with it?

Ice cracked far from the break line and an instrument fell under, had to use an explosive to get below and concocted an ad hoc pulley-and-net system to gather the submerged instruments and then helicopter off the ice sheet before more ice broke?

Found out where an instrument was stolen after a Facebook post by an angry local fisher somehow made its way into your feed?

Years of field work with climate and ocean scientists has meant countless stories of recovering lost instruments. These stories are the ones of genius, heroics, ingenuity, and often many big belly laughs and deeply impressed nods.

“Search and Deploy” is a compendium of these stories of recovering instruments adrift at sea as told to me in conversations, interviews, survey responses and email exchanges.

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